Root Canal Treatment

Making Dentistry Affordable Again.

At Coolbellup Dental, we really pride ourselves on the quality of our root canals and our patients would tell you the same. Even though we perform our procedures at the highest of standards and with some of the latest technology on the market, our prices are still one of the best in Perth! Our root canals are done by experienced dentists who have done numerous cases and will be able to provide you with the best care and treatment.  

We also accept all health funds!

When do I need a root canal

Root canal treatment is indicated when bacteria has gone into the root canal of the tooth and this is causing inflammation in the nerves and blood vessels as well as the root regions of the tooth. We need to clean out the bacteria by irrigation with an antibacterial wash, place antibiotics and reduce the bacterial counts in the canals. The canals are then sealed off with a filling material and a crown placed on the top to ensure a better seal and less bacterial entry into the tooth for as long as possible.

The alternative to a root canal treatment is to extract the tooth however while the cost of the extraction maybe initially cheaper, in the long run you will have a lot more issues such as bone loss, tilting of teeth, loss of chewing ability, increased load of other teeth, over eruption of opposing tooth amongst others. In summary while root canal treatment may be more expensive and does not have a 100% success rate, in the vast majority of cases it would lead to much less longer term problems than just extracting the tooth.